Saturday, March 22, 2014

Forgive me my Transgressions - Poem


By: P.P. Sharma , Kanpur, U.P.

Forgive me my transgressions mostly born out
of my ignorance in superimposing on You,
O Limitless, the configurations of my little mind.
Failing to grasp Your Reality transcending the three gunas
when I pray and sing attributing qualities
all foreign to what you are am I not taking liberty with you,
my Lord? Who has vision so large ,
as to encompass all the Leelas you are
performing some visible, some not,
some spectacular, some common like the light of day.
Isn't it a travesty to pickout some and ignore the rest?
Enamoured of your mop of hair the glow in your eyes
the shape of your nose the curl of your lips
the flush on your face the contours of your neck and arms
your cool tapering fingers the two lotuses half-screened
by the flowing robe
(I know not when to stop in this itemization)
how can I visualize you
without form when you
yourself have come in flesh and blood,
in mortal human frame?
The great monkey-god Hanuman
well-versed in all the branches
of learning and replete with wisdom
cared for no other,
pined only for Kodanda Rama.
Is my offence uncondonable
if my heart is exclusively fixed
on you Shirdi Sai Rama?
Where the milk maids had failed
how dare I hope for better luck?
Fever raging in their veins,
they would scamper through the woods
looking for the traces left by Krishna's feet
to track him down on hill, in dale.
They would mutter incoherently while asleep
trying to seize the elusive beloved
by the trailing yellow garment.
Would you still reprove me, Sai,
if driven by madness
I run helter-shelter in search of you?
If I'm floundering You have to take charge
If I'm going astray you have to set me right
If I'm amidst shadows you have to lead me unto light.
O Teacher Divine
You alone know how much this pitcher of mine
will hold of the boundless deep
If you want to hold it more
You have to make it more specious.


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